I have corrected the link and replaced it with a new one. Hi Amal. Hi Anannya. ele não reinicia , da como comando invalido, oi , estava usando uma Custom apaguei tudo deixei meu mi a1 como era original ( oem unlock desativado e estock rom pelo MI FLASH) quando eu voltei para rom original meu celular brickou NÃO QUERIA INICIAR só ficava no loop infinito já tentei de tudo , não consigo instalar a stock rom novamente pois esta falando essa seguinte mensagem ( ERRO erasing boot failed maybe the device is locked) o problema e que não consigo fazer o oem unlock pelo fastboot , você sabe como resolver isso? So, yes, you can use the fastboot image to restore stock firmware. no file is FLASHING IN MY MI A1 i unlock my bootloader but rom is not flashing with miFLASH TOOL it start flashing and in 10 seconds it shows success but nothing done in my phone it stuck on mi logo give me a solution of this problem. Although, you will need to reflash the Magisk zip file to retain root. any solution ? If yes, then we would not even need to use EDL. Hi Jhay. A lot of people here will learn from this comment! If you want AOSP-like experience, you can probably install a custom ROM for that. Could you please tell me which firmware version did you download and are trying to install? Can you give me a guide for downgrade please. 6) Change the active slot from the current active slot (say “a”) to the inactive slot (say “b”) using: .\fastboot set_active b In my opinion, you should use the latest August fastboot image for this. Because I never tried this option at all. Hi. As far as I know, that’s not possible. Wait 7 days without reboot and you can flash TWRP after that. Is there any guide for flashing both slots ? post the latest pie update in call voice is very low and the network disappearing all the time Why? Dhananjay, please help. great job. 6) Now flash the fastboot image again, only this time it will be flashed to the current active slot (That is “b”). Thank you for providing such a clear and detailed explanation of the whole situation. 1.Can we use twrp flashing zip method to update when mi a1 is rooted . Xiaomi Mi A1 August 2020 update is now rolling out to the users over-the-air. 4) Let’s say the current slot is “a”. After flashing 10.06 with twrp, 4G was gone !!! It will, just hold volume+,- and power button simultaneously.until ur phone vibrate. 2. You can now go ahead and enjoy all the Pie features on your phone. or one has to attach battery strap first and then manually boot. Hi Amit! Hi everybody, I unfurtunately brick my phone, something went wrong it’s my fault…ok, Now I would like to know since my A1 still goes on fastboot mode and is recognized from my pc since when I. digit fastboot device I can read the number I hope using MIFLASH to be able to install a stock ROM. He downgraded the bootloader and modem to Oreo, flashed TWRP, deleted libvkjni.so, libvkmanager.so/libvkservice.so and KnoxGuard.apk/Rlc.apk, flashed Pie bootloader and modem and booted up with no lock and no more red text "Only official released binaries are allowed to be flashed". Is V10.0.12 a old rom ? You mentioned that “the bootloader is unlocked” and “oem unlocking isn’t enabled”. And here it is, the long waited update of RMM bypass zip. As for the EDL command. Because Substratum can’t work on Unrooted Pie device and you know it. JavaScript is disabled. But you do not call that the “firmware”. But in EDL mode, since battery plug is disconnected will it boot automatically from PC usb power ? To fix this, you will need to reflash stock firmware (using fastboot image) to both the slots. Samsung Galaxy A3, A5, A7 (2017) Guides, News, & D, don`t reboot, don`t unplug the sim and don`t disconnect the network connection for 7 full days (168h), note that this will erase all your data including internal storage, ---------- Post added at 11:13 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:12 AM ----------, HOME_CSC_PHE_A520FPHE2AQF1_CL10911830_QB13837656_REV00_user_low_ship.tar.md5. Only input your real first name and valid email address if you want your comment to appear. I want to avoid going back to Stock Rom. When you flashed this ROM, did you have a custom ROM installed or stock rooted firmware at that time? Good luck with that, Ashish! it worked 2 years without any problem. Some of them even capture the full OTA package and then extract it and make an unofficial fastboot image. My mi a1 is stuck on bootloop. Interesting. and when its avialable on april 2019 update .zip & .img please rply. Can I flash my phone via the rom you provided with MIflash? Hi Max. and i also did a fresh install of windows and then downloaded the Qualcomm drivers from the mediafire upload you provided. twrp and root successfully !! When your phone boots, it shall be running the stable Android Pie V10.0.24.0 firmware with August 2020 Security Patch. They are often called firmwareupdates. june updte 72.3 mb. Upon seeing your comment, I personally downloaded and extracted the fastboot image of August 2019 security update. Open the extracted folder (MiFlash2017-7-20-0) and double-click on ‘XiaoMiFlash.exe’ to run the tool. make sure you flash this bypass zip after flashing any Samsung based rom. Currently I lost my data after resetting my phone but still update can’t be installed. Hi Rupesh. I recently discovered this page on Reddit, you might wanna take a look. Have you tried flashing the TWRP-flashable ROM? I would suggest opting for a custom ROM that has decent support when it comes to regular updates. To do that, go to ‘Settings’ > ‘System’ > ‘System updates’. .\fastboot oem reboot-edl. As gathering some more feedback from users i will give an update to this thread hoping that i cover at least some of the problems that occured since the last update. Take note that these partitions are rarely updated and you wouldn’t need to update them when using a custom ROM. please help me solve this problem…either how to go stock rom by flashing or VOLTE problem….thanks in advance. I only removed bug uploader, the rest can better be disabled. Well, Samsung can always turn it into a mandatory thing or even fully change the way this works, making our phones get stuck in bootloop, nobody can tell, but for now let's enjoy it while it lasts. Kindly re-download it. It’s because the unofficial fastboot ROM has a different naming scheme for flashing scripts. Sorry, I am not able to figure out the bootloader part. is it needed to change slots and flash to a and b when the flashing script does this automatically itself? THIS IS HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED. This is very use full tricks – thanks lot – Thanks for taking the time out for other readers here. Or flashed encryption disabler earlier? Hi Raze, was your phone rooted prior to flashing the ROM via TWRP? How do I re-flash stock firmware to both slots? Before flashing the TWRP zip, did you have root? And please don’t forget to take a full backup before you do any flashing. I decided to get back to Stock ROM, wit the bootloader locked. It may strongly be a case of incomplete/corrupted download. I have added the TWRP flashable zip for v10.0.8.0 (April update) to the Downloads section. 1. boot from temporary boot-recovery.img (get files from xda site) Thank you for response. This could be easily done by flashing the fastboot ROM or TWRP flashable zip. BTW, do let me know how did your Mi A1 get into a bootloop? with a bit of progress in status bar. So as i said in my previous pie post, things have changed a bit with Pie and old patch didn't work anymore. Then, i opened the device went to unlock bootloader with EDL method as shown in few videos ( by connecting pins and plugging usb to pc). Never hard reset in past. hi Just connect the phone to the PC in fastboot Mode and double-click on this script file. As for this post, I will update with the links as soon as they pop up online. Download Mi A1 Android Pie V10.0.24.0 fastboot ROM on your PC. Is there any chance to update the links to the recent July patch? Hi again, Ashish. And a bit after this comes the nice part: As a basic check one of my testers was locked on his S8+ running stock rom. DO NOT connect the phone until QFIL is fully ready. Then extract the .TGZ file to get the .TAR file. This is because the inactive slot still has modifications to the system. But once you get around the basic logic of it, it’ll be easy. Hi. I was flash mi A1 official rom via TWRP method with Feb ROM file and I wanted to flash April ROM without Data loss so Haw can I do. If your phone is rooted with Magisk, it’s possible to install the OTA update (See instructions here) without having to do anything manually. But When I Choose “Save User & Data” In MiFlash,,They Says “No Script”.. Hi. 3) Disconnect the phone if it’s connected and then reboot it back into EDL mode from start. Make sure to download the firmware file according to the method you’d choose to install it. Hi Bony. Hi. XXX movies in full length 1080p for each category. However I cannot find the latest rom, on xiaomis official page there is a rom “v10.0.12…” Should I flash that rom? Your phone should be updated to the latest firmware, without wiping any data, with both TWRP and Magisk root still installed. While in that mode, try connecting it to the PC and try flashing the latest fastboot ROM via the Mi Flash Tool. 2) Boot into TWRP and flash all the three files in that order. 1. it was running as it was out of the box with latest May 2020 security update. Now if I want to jump roms, like if I want to install Havoc os now, what are the steps I have to take? Yes, it is mandatory to have an unlocked bootloader to flash the Fastboot Image. Currently I’m on Android Pie v10.0.7.0.PDHMIXM Please remove the twrp flashable link from this article, flashing it bricked my phone too. The OTA update weighs just about 80.72 MB and according to the OTA notification, the only major change brought by this update is the August 2020 security patch. Tried using the xiaomiflash, installed the driver but my phone isn’t recognized either Will I get OTA updates after flashing this??? Hi again, Anwar. Do I have to flash the stock firmware first using Twrp and then install havoc os? What build number is currently installed on your phone? (uninstalled magisk recently), I want to flash my MiA1 with Stock rom with latest april updates ,along with locked bootloader and no root access. Ensure that there’s not yellow triangle showing beside the device name in there. Inside the ‘images’ folder, you will have a file named “prog_emmc_firehose_8953_ddr.mbn”. Hi Mikael. Or can I directly wipe system cache data and go on flashing havoc os and twrp amd magisk and other stuffs? I’ve downloaded the fastboot v10.0.20.0 with the link you have provided for fastboot . I search on mi forum there are a guy who faced same problem so please check the problem and get the solution for miui The bootloader on the Mi A1 (unlike Xiaomi devices running MIUI) can be unlocked via fastboot, and does not need the Mi Unlock Tool. Kindly check. Please let me know how it goes. Okay, Dhananjay so I need to run the command fastboot oem edl on adb and flash the latest rom. Try flashing that instead. That’s what I was gonna suggest you perform. Yes, the fastboot ROM for the July 2020 update with build number V10.0.23.0.PDHMIXM is now available and updated. I am keeping a thorough track of it everyday. I can’t flash it….it shows flashe ended in 0 secs…. If you have any or better Idea let me know. 2. Hi. Stock Rom and the most Custom Rom only offer systemupdates like the monthly security updates or softwareupdates. If your phone’s bootloader is unlocked, you can simply flash the fastboot ROM to recover it. the TWRP method worked fine for me. And also a clean windows 7 seem to show both the mentioned errors. after i installed August 2019 Security Update ussing method 2, my phone does not turn on and vibrate. Portail des communes de France : nos coups de coeur sur les routes de France. EDL mode is just a black screen with your phone’s LED light blinking. i have attached image for reference in below link : https://ibb.co/JF8j6md. I’d like to enable camera2 api without root following your guide. I need the patch for root or I can occupy the last patch for January. Yes, that’s right. It is also very useful if you have a custom ROM installed and want to restore the stock firmware on your phone. As for the fastboot ROM, you will have to wait for a bit. and if we could, do we need to flash january 2019 firmware and miflash stock Pie Rom ? Could you please mention the exact error log provided by TWRP when the flash failed? I already hold the power button + volume down together but it doesnt restarts 2) Also, download the Magisk and TWRP installer zip files. No, you do not need to restore the stock firmware first. .\fastboot oem unlock, sim eu tentei fazer isso mais sempre da erro , minhas opções de desenvolvedor esta desativada por conta de eu ter voltado o telefone ao original e não tem como eu ativar por conta que o celular estar em loop infinito , Okay, try this command and let me know which slot it results (“a” or “b”): i understood it wont proceed. Is it compulsory to unlock the bootloader for the fastboot process? And one question. If not which custom rom do yoi recommend? Can we use twrp for flashing the zip method on rooted device, will it work properly? Anyhow, if you’re planning on using a custom ROM, I would strongly suggest trying LineageOS 17.1 (Check the XDA thread here). 4) Boot your phone into TWRP. Sorry it is only available in german language. There must be something else that might have hindered the process, thus leading to a bootloop. Hi Abrar. Can We Get official OTA updates of coming months after this process..?? Please provide the fix ASAP. 3) Enter the following command to check the currently active slot: .\fastboot getvar current-slot The command will output some data. tissot_images_V10.0.18.0.PDHMIXM_9.0.zip,. The Android Pie firmware for Xiaomi Mi A1 is available in two different types of files. Read our comment policy fully before posting a comment. No the bootloader is unlocked and oem unlocking isn’t enabled. 1) Uninstall all USB drivers currently installed. Include Stock + Patched Boot.. Hi SeptianAdistyan, I have just added the download link for the February 2020 update. Let me know if you have any questions. Hi Stephanie. The EDL flash will not work majorly because Xiaomi blocked it, and it’s only available for authorized accounts/personnel. If the maintainer of the Custom Rom doesn’t offer updates, I have to repeat it every month. Please help. So the files needed to load TWRP and then root are the same only you have to wait for 7 days to try again? Hi Ashish, you’re welcome! and will the antiroll back cause some problem? I'll wait and try. please help me out. The Xiaomi Xiao Yi (IP) camera (also known as Yi Home), the Chinese version, is an extremely capable IP with a very good quality/price ratio. Thanks for updating. Okay. Because Xiaomi may have updated the bootloader, modem, and other partitions whilst moving from Oreo to Pie. hey brother is there any chance that mi a1 will receive an android 10 update? Hi. Well, there is one thing that’s definitely worth trying, and that’s using EDL mode to flash the stock firmware. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. 5) Flash the V10.0.20.0 ROM, then flash the TWRP installer zip and finally flash Magisk. I tried factory reset I left it whole night but it stuck to “erasing” screen and nothing happened after that today I tried flashing old rom as you suggested in some reply but this time phone boot to stock recover and then I again went to fastboot it shows error : Failed(remote: ‘partition flashing not allowed) also I noticed when I try “fastboot oem unlock” my phone restarts and go back to stock recover other than that “fastboot oem edl” nothing happen although it says successfull but dosent go to black screen or no light blinks… Kindly help me brother what I can do. Xiaomi Mi A1 August 2020 update is now rolling out to the users over-the-air. Its successors, the Mi A2 and Mi A2 Lite have already been upgraded to Android 10. Extract the content of the downloaded file to a suitable location on the PC (E.g. Hi, brother, I downloaded the latest firmware following the all suggested steps but while flashing rom through MiFlashTool I am getting an error, it says error: Erasing “boot_a” FAILED(remote: ‘device is locked cannot erase’ ) Hi. Hi Johann. Although I am pretty convinced that EDL flashing won’t work, but it’s surely worth a try. 4) Once done, reboot into Fastboot mode again and execute the following command to change the current active slot to “b”: fastboot set_active b both seem to show the same error with both cases as mentioned above. And don’t forget to take a backup first, especially when doing something that isn’t tested yet. Do let me know if you need further assistance in the matter. You will need to choose the method that’s most suitable for your phone’s current state. February 2020 Security Update (V10.0.18.0.PDHMIXM) Pleasseeeee.. I am not certain if a software bug is triggering this issue or failed hardware. And yes, flashing Oreo will probably not work, maybe because of the rollback index. There are no posts matching your filters. And I believe you’re already well aware of booting the phone into EDL mode. 2. backup all important files, use: sms backup & restore, entire whatsap folder, camera, etc. can we jump straight to Pie without going to oreo to flash pie cusrom? Yes. Hi Cesar. 2>>>And when i open QPST first and load XML, and then boot EDL and quickly do download : i get “DownloadFail: Firehose Fail: FHLoader Fail:Process fail”