Pneumatically operated grit compensation. \n\n-- (2) Heads that glide on Ball-Bearings, outer head is adjustable by front mounted handle w/mechanical digital counter. \n\n-- 20" Max. clamp opening with 2-1/2" high jaws. in. 9-1/16" x 6" capacity.\n\n-- WEINIG H 23C/001 spindle sequence: Bottom 15 HP, right 10 HP, left 10 HP, top 20 HP, and bottom 15 HP motor. Bois cuisinière zvezda, poêle à bois réchaud de. 9-1/16" x 4-3/4". blade projection. Machines d’occasion Bois, Aluminium et PVC. width cap., 0" to 5" max. Consultez nos 152546 annonces de particuliers et professionnels sur leboncoin \n\n-- Spindles: Dia. \n\n-- Complete with: 8" Dia. \n\n-- 3" Boring stroke, 3,400 RPM spindle speed. Sur le site web de TradeMachines, nous utilisons des cookies et des technologies similaires. It operates with recirculating movement, the solvent exhaust is achieved through over-pressure and it is controlled by gates in order to ensure air exchange and remove solvents from the building. Occasion, Lot Fer de machine à bois kity. Bonjour vend lot de 10 fers de machine à bois une excellente décoration pour votre modèle d'intérieur. Workstations: \n\n-- 2-Motor Pre-Milling Unit with independent adjus, TIMESAVERS 2321-23-1 Wide Belt Sander (2) Heads 37" width cap. Head: Steel contact roll, 8" dia., 20 HP motor. Miter angle is set manually. \n\n-- Spindle: Dia. Cuisiniere bois - Achetez une variété de produits à prix abordables sur eBay. at programmed random spacing. Accélérez votre recherche . \n\n-- 5 HP Hydraulic Pump assembly with reservoir and 10 GPM pump. \n\n-- Feed works: 3 HP variable speed feed with speeds from 18 to 75 FPM; 1 HP motorized raise and lower of bed; DP-525 digital thickness contr, TIMESAVERS 2321 45-006 Wide Belt Sander (3) Heads 51" width cap. \n\n-- Specifications: 20 HP (11 kW) Main saw motor, 3 HP (2.2 kW) scoring motor. \n\n-- Panel Capacity, Min. Specifications: \n\n-- Spindle dia. La société LOMIBOIS est spécialisée dans la vente de machines et outillage à bois neuf et occasion. Semi-automatic magazine coil & Strips (1806-1), 3 mm PVC cap. & 10" stroke hydraulic cylinders. Electronic adjustment of the upper pressure beam. Toutes nos annonces gratuites Outillage et matériaux d’occasion Toute la France. x 4" stroke cylinders on 6" centers, top pressure by (2) 4" dia. \n\n-- Template Carrier: Utilizes a template-stylus copy system, whereby the tool head table copying-grinding is effortless (precision linear floating table movement feels smooth as if there is zero gravity). Accélérez votre recherche . Pneumatic receding chipbreaker for top spindle. Max. Combine bois lurem d’occasion. Specification & Features: \n\n-- 15 HP (11 kW) Main & 1.5 HP (1.1 kW) scoring motor, 3,800 RPM main saw blade & 6,000 RPM scoring blade with external adjustment. \n\n-- Worktable: (8) Pneumatically locking panel supports, (3) matrix style vacuum, WEIMA WLB 400 Horizontal Low-Speed Grinder Specifications: \n\n-- 25 HP Rotor motor; rotor with (18) 4-way indexable, replaceable cutter knives. ONSRUD PANEL PRO 288G16D with ATC and Boring: "PANEL PRO" Series; moving gantry CNC Router with a 24' x 5' worktable; 11" Z-axis stroke; machined table with (4) vacuum zones, cast iron moving gantry bridge and vertical supports. \n\n-- Head sequence: Bottom 12 HP, right/left 12Hp, top 17.4 HP and bottom 12 HP motor. Equipped with: Hot Melt glue application system with booster system for immediate heat-up, and reverse glue applicator roller. Rechercher la meilleure sélection des machines occasion bois fabricants ainsi que les produits machines occasion bois de qualité supérieure french sur Toutes nos annonces gratuites Electroménager occasion (machine à laver, frigo, petit électroménager, ...) Toute la France. bottom head with mechanical digital readouts. \n\n-- Head sequence: Bottom 12 HP, right 9 HP, left 9 HP, top 18 HP and bottom 12 HP motor. Vente de machines à bois d'occasion : Lovato est une société qui construit et reconstruit des machines-outils de la seconde transformation du bois. feed rate: 50 MPM (161 FPM) in X- & Y-, 10 MPM (33 FPM) in Z-axis. La machine à bois d'occasion est une machine industrielle destinée à modeler, usiner et façonner certaines pièces en bois par le biais d’un outillage grâce à des mouvements, des efforts, de la puissance et une précision appropriés et répétitifs. combinÉs bois 4 À 6 opÉrations occasions et destockage en france, belgique, pays bas, luxembourg, suisse, espagne, italie, maroc, algÉrie, tunisie It allows the operator to easily dialog with the machine through prompts telling, TIMESAVER 137-2HP75 Wide Belt sander (2) Heads 36" Width cap. desired length of cut and vise activation. Vends machine combiné pour le bois d'occasion. \n\n-- Axis stroke: 1,600 mm in Y-, 3,100 mm in X-, and 200 mm in Z-axis. 40 MM with cutterhead speed of 6,000 RPM. vend combinées 7 operation en bonne états. Features: \n\n-- Top infeed roller, 15-1/2" x 2-1/2" feed opening; \n\n-- Heavy Duty Industrial Grade construction with stress-relieved shell and frame; \n\n-- Heavy Duty outboard roller bearings; separate electrical control panel. Vente de machine à bois d’occasion, réparation de machines à bois, achat et vente de machine à bois d'occasion, vente de machines à bois neuve, affûteuse, corroyeuse, dégauchisseuse, perceuse, scie, ponceuse, toupie. \n\n-- Equipped with: (1) Carousel head with (4) rotating arbors mounted on a central rotating deck assembly, carousel deck rotation 4 to 24 RPM; (2) arbor/spindles are 12" x 41" long with 3 HP m, SCMI OLIMPIC S 212 SINGLE SIDED EDGEBANDER Edge thickness cap. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Suiv.. DEGAU-RABOT RD 41 STI LUREM Dégauchisseuses Raboteuses Presse à briquettes Prodeco E60 Eco; ... vous acceptez l’utilisation de Cookies ou autres traceurs pour garantir le bon fonctionnement du site et améliorer votre expérience utilisateur. collection outlet; 1/2" screen. machines À broder brodeuses pro occasions et destockage en france, belgique, pays bas, luxembourg, suisse, espagne, italie, maroc, algÉrie, tunisie SCMI RAPID "Set Up" setting system for left and top vertical heads to accommodate width and height tool measurements. Probois Machinoutils, c'est le service à la clientèle avant tout, c'est pourquoi nous mettons tout en œuvre pour satisfaire vos besoins. Si par la suite vous souhaitez vous désabonner, un lien direct vous sera proposé dans chaque email. Includes: \n\n-- Overhead mounted control panel has auto-cycle \n\n-- Separate hyraulic po, L & L MODEL GA-100 HIGH FREQUENCY EDGE GLUER \n\n-- 50" x 100" Platen size with 4-1/2" thickness cap., feed through design. Drum, Drum, Combination Head Head Configuration: 1st Head: Rubber contact roll, 30 HP motor 2nd Head: Rubber contact roll, 25 HP motor 3rd Head: Combination head with a rubber covered contact roll 5-1/2" dia. \n\n-- Infeed table 10" wide x, VOORWOOD A11 Sliding Table Shaper / Sander Profiles and sands the edge of wood components. cutting depth @ 90°; 3-1/2" @ 45°; 62" long x 1", 4" & 6" thick max. working width 4-3/4". ; powered saw feed. Le Show-room de 2000 m² vous permet non seulement de voir mais nous pouvons également vous proposer une démonstration sur les machines neuves et d’occasions présentes dans l’exposition permanente. Affuteuse (3) ... Machines à bois neuves. \n\n-- Equipped with: Pr, SCMI OLIMPIC K 560 R EDGEBANDER (W/PRE-MILLING & CORNER ROUNDING): Specifications: \n\n-- Edge Capacity, 0.4 to 6 mm (0.016 to 0.25") for strip feeding. \n\n-- Pneumatically controlled pressure section with (1) large drive and (3) idle rollers, all independently controlled. cap. The system is designed with the operator in mind. \n\n-- Saw carriage forward travel speed 16 - 131 FPM (5 - 40 MPM), return speed 131 FPM (40 MPM); powered by AC brushless motor with inverter. 6" width x 5" thickness feed through moulder (B-R-L-T). Luzery, 104 -B6600 Bastogne Bois, Aluminium et PVC. Nos machines à bois d'occasion sont accessibles aux professionnels du bois comme aux particuliers. SCM SI 400 EP Nova Sliding Table Saw w/Programmable Rip Fence Specifications: \n\n-- 3,200 mm (126") stroke length cap. clamp opening with 3-1/2" high jaws. \n\n-- Automatic cutting length limiter adjusts the cutting length at the end of, NORTHTECH NT-610XL Top & Bottom Planer: 24" Width x 7.5" thickness capacity; 1/4" minimum thickness; 12" min. of glue line/Min. and, Buzz Saw, 540 PTO, 28” Blade, 33” W Table, D M C EUROSAND L53 ...53" Wide Belt Sander with (3) Sanding Heads: 1,350 mm (53") Max. Complete with: \n\n-- Automatic clamp Tightener, \n\n-- Automatic panel flattener \n\n-- Pneumatic rotation Machine model 800171 Note: Machine has been rebuilt in 2013 Already torn down and ready to ship, WEINIG HYDROMAT H23C/001 Feed Through Moulder: 5-Head (B-R-L-T-B), working cap. PHILIPPART Machines à bois SPRL Machines à bois neuves et d'occasion. 60" x 60" and thickness of 0.25" to 1/5". Equipped With: \n\n-- Pre-milling station: (2) 2.0 HP (1.5 kW) motors, to rectify/clean panels already s, ANDI Owen S 510 CNC Router with Tool Changer: 5' x 10' Fixed table, moving gantry machine with a single-zone vacuum table. \n\n-- Resistan, WEIMA TH 1500 M Briquette Press (Square Brick) Specifications: \n\n-- Produces 5.9" x 2.3" (150 x 60 mm) rectangular briquette; hopper opening of 55" x 55" (1,400 x 1,400 mm); hopper volume of 2.46 cu/yd (1.88 cbm). Le choix d'une machine à bois d'occasion est une bonne alternative à l'achat d'une machine neuve, qui peut s'avérer onéreuse. All spindles with mechanical digital readouts for height and width adjustments. Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> SCHEPPARD, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> PIERRE BENITE, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> ROBLAND, COMBINE A BOIS 5/6 FONCTIONS LUREM C260 I, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> CHAMBON, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> FELDER, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> SIGNAL, COMBINEE AMERICA 300 AVEC CHARIOT DE COUPE 1600 MM, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> DM ITALIA, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> SCM L'INVINCIBLE, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> STETON, Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations >>> JOUBERT TIERSOT, MACHINE À BOIS COMBINÉE ROBLAND X260 - X310 TRI. \n\n-- Equipped with: (1) 10 HP "HSD" Type ATC spindle, air cooled, variable spindle speed from 1,000 - 24,000 RPM, 8-station rear mount tool changer. Spécialiste de la machine à bois depuis 1997, neuve ou d’occasion, D2m équipe, le bricoleur, l’industriel ou le futur artisan. Machines occasions. Pneumatic pressure elements on left & top head chipbreakers. 2nd Head: Rubber Contact Roller, spirally grooved, approx. Equipped with: \n\n-- 40 HP Hydraulic motor; 2.6 HP auger motor; 3.0 HP agitator motor; hydraulic oil volume of 264 gallons (1,000 liters); volume reduction from chip/dust to block up at a 10:1 ratio; hourly output up to 800 - 900 Lbs, OPTI-SAND R40V DENIBBING BRUSH SANDER 1-Head, 40" max. Panel width 60 mm (2.375"); Min Panel length 140 mm (5.5"); Min./max. 40 MM with a spindle speed of 6,000 RPM. vends chaudiére bois budérus logana fonte en bon état. >> Je m'abonne aux nouveautés de la rubrique: Combinés Bois 4 à 6 opérations ! Head Configuration: \n\n-- Bottom 7.5 kW (10 HP), Right 4 kW ( 5.5 HP), left 4 kW (5.5 HP), Top 7.5 KW (10 HP). \n\n-- Equipped with: (1) 7.5 HP ISO-30 Type ATC spindle, air cooled, ceramic bearings, variable spindle speed from 1,000 - 18,000 RPM; 8-station Automatic Tool Changer. Préc. pneumatic guillotine for coil cutoff. 9-1/16" x 4-3/4". Minimum panel width 80 mm. \n\n-- Spindle dia. 2nd Head: Rubber covered profiled drum: 3rd Head: Combination head with rubber covered contact roll with air cushioned polishing platen ( Needs New Graphite ) 17 HP motor Specifications:\n\n-- 54" x 75" Abrasive belts, electronic abrasive belt tracking. crosscut cap. LOMIBOIS 875, rue de la Lième ZI - BP 20007 39570 PERRIGNY Cédex Tél. ; 45° tilting with 1" dia. Le bois est un matériau particulier qui demande à être travaillé à l’aide de machines à bois spécifiques. \n\n-- Head sequence: Bottom 10 HP, right & left 20 HP, top 15 HP, top 15 HP and bottom 15 HP motor. Mechanical digital readouts on all head adjustments except 1st bottom head; digiset readouts for left and top spindles, top heads with MDR for chipbreakers and pressure elements. and 2-1/2" wide segmented finishing platen, 25 HP motor. \n\n-- Hydraulic side pressure by (15) 2" dia. \n\n-- Positioning speed: X-Axis is 377 FPM (115 MPM), 246 FPM (75 MPM) on the Y-axis, and 98 FPM (30 MPM) on Z-axis; Y-axis reach of vertical routers is 49.2"(1,250 mm). part thickness opening; designed to completely and thoroughly finish sand and sealer sand workpieces such as raised panel cabinet doors, entry doors, louvers, shutters, etc. boring depth 1.1" (28 mm). Machine a bois d occasion particulier sur le site de petites annonces TouTyPasse. : 1-13/16" at 6,000 RPM. All spindles with mechani. \n\n-- Working field: "X" axis 120" (3,048 mm), “Y axis 49.2 (1,250 mm) , "Z" axis stroke is 12". Trouvez votre annonce de poeles à bois d'occasion à vendre ou acheter en Bretagne parmi nos débarras poeles à bois occasions sur ParuVendu MonDebarras ; 7" max. cut height @ 90° - 90 mm (3.1") @ 45°; 59" rip capacity. SCMI RAPID "Set Up" setting system for left and top vertical heads to accommodate width and height tool measurements. \n\n-- 52" x 110" Layu, HOLZ-HER CUT 85 Front Load Panel Saw. Combine bois kity k5 d’occasion. \n\n-- 41" x 25" Fixed table, extension table & sliding outrigger support. Un Show-room à votre disposition. \n\n-- Working Cap: Stock length (Y) from 4.25" - 31.5" (110 mm - 800 mm), stock width (X) from 0.75" - 51" (20 mm - 1,300 mm), stock thickness (Z) from 0.5" - 2.4" (4 mm - 60 mm), max. of 1-13/16" with cutterhead speed of 6,000 RPM; mechanical digital readouts on all spindle adjustments. \n\n--The A11 is also equipped with a bac, LEADERMAC LMC 523 S "SMARTMAC" Feed Through Moulder; 5-Head (B-R-L-T-B) with a working cap. Mechanical digital readouts for all spindle adjustments. \n\n-- Saw Carriage: Variable feed speed from 1 - 100 MPM (3 - 328 FPM); return speed of 100 MPM (328 FPM). Drum, Drum, Combination Head Head Configuration 1st. TAYLOR 40-SECTION Pneumatic Clamp Carrier; ÷ ÷8-1/2' Width cap., (240) clamps total with (6) clamps on every section, 32" max. KOCH Sprint-PTP-3-1300 CNC BORE, GLUE & DOWEL INSERTER: \n\n-- Specifications: Automatic step-by-step, boring, glue injection & dowel insertion into panel components, drawer parts, chair pieces, etc. Consultez nos 773361 annonces de particuliers et professionnels sur leboncoin main saw arbor, 400 mm (15.8") blade dia. Includes spindle brakes. The A11 is capable of processing all the components of a five piece door and is capable of shaping and sanding straight components as well as contoured shapes using a template system. Variable feed speeds 16 MPM. Complete with: \n\n-- 36" x 60" MDF table; heavy gauge steel, BUSELLATO JET 6000 XL CNC MACHINING CENTER (W/ATC/BORING) Specifications: \n\n-- Working Capacity: "X" Axis 3,683 mm (145"), "Y" axis stroke is 1,550 mm (61"), "Z" axis stroke is 400 mm (15.7"). C’est simple : Cherchez, Cliquez, Trouvez ! Equipped with: \n\n-- 9 HP Main saw self-braking motor; (3) cutting speeds of 3,600 - 4,800 & 6,000. arbor; \n\n-- 1-3/8" Long arbor; saw head with automatic electro-mechanical motor brake. Toutefois, pour mener à bien cette tâche, des machines pour ébénisterie et menuiserie sont nécessaires pour travailler vos matériaux. and 2-1/2" wide segmented finishing platen, 20 HP motor. \n\n-- Appr, TAYLOR 40-SECTION Automatic Clamp Carrier Specifications: \n\n-- 8-1/2' Width cap., \n\n-- (8) Clamps per section (320) clamps total \n\n-- 32" Max. Economisez avec notre option de livraison gratuite. working width, equipped with (2) Contact Rolls, and (1) "Superfinishing" Segmented Platen Head. \n\n-- Spindle: Dia. \, BUTFERING STO 313 RRL Wide Belt Sander, (3) Heads 53" Width cap. \n\n-- Spindle dia. Bois cuisinière Zvezda, poêle à bois Réchaud de cu . Material will be laid onto an infeed mitering system and automatically picked up by the counter profile back-up blocks attached to the feed chain Capacity: \n\n-- Maximum length 120" \n\n-- Minimum machine length capacity 6", minimum part length 12" \n\n-- Width: 3/4", 7/8" and 1 1/18" \n\n-- Thickness; 31/64" \n\n, WADKIN K25 Moulder Feed Through 6-Head (B,R,L,T,T,B) with working capacity of 9-1/2" x 5" capacity. panel width and 180 mm min. 2,000 sq. Equipped with: \n\n-- (18) hydraulic side pressure cylinders; (5) pneumatic top platen cylinders. \n\n-- Head sequence: Bottom 7.5 HP, right/left 15 HP, top 15 HP and bottom 10 HP motor. Machine combiné à bois, occasion . Find great deals on eBay for machine a bois. It is simple and practical to use. SCMI ROUTECH RECORD 130 CNC Flat Table Machine (with ATC & BORING): Specifications: \n\n-- 4' x 10' Single Table machine: stationary extruded aluminum table is machined with a square grid pattern for fixturing parts, Grid pattern allows use of vacuum pods or closed cell rope gasketing material and use of spoil boards for "nested based machining". Equipped with: 2 Liter Glue Teflon coated tank with quick heating system. 85° Shore hardness, 250 mm ( 9.8") diameter; 22 kW, WEINIG RONDAMAT 960 Profile And Straight Knife Grinder With Automatic Mode for profile knives. Setin Machines à bois utilise ses 25 ans d'expérience dans l'achat et vente de machines à bois pour sélectionner les machines, et vous proposer les meilleurs produits. GIARDINA Jet-hot Air Drying Tunnel "GP-JET-10" 40 foot long oven General Description; The air is taken externally by means of a plenum, which is equipped with filtering panels, and it is warmed by heat exchanger with finned copper/aluminium spiral pipes. Trouvez Combine bois kity k5 sur Leboncoin, eBay, Amazon et autres. Fabricant Vosges Méca Bois, VMB France à Hennecourt, entre Epinal et Vittel BOSS - BS-510 Router with ATC: 5' x 10' Stationary table, moving gantry machine in a front-to-back configuration with a 4-zone vacuum table and pop up pins. ORIGINAL 3691-03 Overhead Rail Panel Saw w/Powered Saw Feed Specifications: \n\n-- Sturdy welded steel frame for saw head and beam arm; 7.5 HP motor; 1" dia. Liste mise à jour toutes les 30 minutes. : Fax : in. Panel thickness 8 - 54 mm (0.375" - 2.125"); Minimum distance between panels 600 mm (24"). bien conçu et exquis machine à laver de maison de poupée artisanale. Digital, GANNOMAT Pro-Line 50 Line Boring Machine, (2) Heads; Specifications: \n\n-- (2) 25-Spindle vertical boring heads, (2) 3 HP motors and bottom drilling for effortless removal of chips. 2-Roller pressure section w/electronically controlled and feed speed synchronized drive roll. Recherche d'une petite annonce machine a bois d occasion particulier gratuite. Exclusive CNC Control System: Specifications:\n\n-- 51" X 103" Abrasive belts\n\n--"Posi-Trak" electronic tracking & pneumatic tensioning.\n\n--, HOLZ-HER 1302 UNO EDGEBANDER 0.4 - 3 mm Edge Cap; Cartridge glue system (1906M), 3 mm edge thickness capacity. Nous exposons sur 1600m2 toute notre gamme de machines et outillage. \n\n-- Conveyor belt feed with, WOOD-MIZER M10154 (4) Head Through Feed Moulder; Working cap. Découvrir. 6 - 45 mm Panel thickness, 60 mm min. 1 … \n\n-- Infeed table: 2, SCM SUPERSET 23 Feed Through Moulder; 5-Head (B-R-L-T-B), working cap. Nos services. Specifications:\n\n-- 37"x 75" Abrasive belts\n\n--"Posi-Trak" electronic tracking & pneumatic tensioning.\n\n-- 15 - 45 FPM Variable feed speed with inverter control. \n\n-- Equipped with: (1) 16 HP "HSK-63F" Electro spindle, infinitely programmable spindle speeds up to 18,000 RPM, 12-position ATC rotary tool changer, 9-spindle updated HSD drill block (arranged to drill five holes. \n\n-- Complete with: Pneumatic Clamp Tightener, Pneumatic Flattener, and Air Rotation. Head Configuration: 1st Head: Steel Contact Roller, spirally grooved, 250 mm (9.8") diameter; 26 kW (35 HP) motor. GIBEN SMART 75 SP CNC Front Load Panel Saw 129" (3,300 mm) Overall cutting length, 2.95" (75 mm) max. Vous trouverez ici toute une gamme de machines pour ébénisterie et menuiserie afin de travailler le bois, mais aussi le métal, le laiton, l’aluminium ou l’acier. Adjustable pressure roll section with (1) driven roller, and (3) idler rollers. Workstations: \n\n-- Single motor end trim (1822), chamfers 0° - 10, GIBEN KS26J EDGEBANDER WITH PREMILL & CORNER ROUNDING 0.4 - 3 mm Edge thickness capacity. Comparez les prix maintenant et économisez de l'argent ! All spindle adjustments except 1st. This system controls and regulates saw head downfeed placement and movement, part feed movement, number of pieces to be cut,