In 1979 the AOC Bourgogne Aligoté de Bouzeron was created as a single village level appellation above the generic Bourgogne Aligoté AOC. Wine tourism has the wind in its sails and the Côte Chalonnaise never ceases to attract wine lovers with its wonderful wines and its beautiful setting. Facile d'accès, il sera l'allié parfait pour se restaurer bien et rapidement les midis de semaine, grâce à sa formule sur le pouce. [4], The viticulture and winemaking practices of the Côte Chalonnaise are very similar to those of the Côte d'Or. [7] Well-made examples typically drink at their peak between 5–12 years after vintage. There's also a regional restaurant upstairs from the shop. Visit Chalon-sur-Saône for the wonderful street market and to go to the Maison des Vins de la Côte Chalonnaise, where you can taste dozens of local wines sold at estate prices. The name and pedigree are grand, but Ludovic and Fabrice are thrilled to taste with serious wine lovers, by appointment only, of course. This wine map of Bourgogne has been designed by Wine Scholar Guild to illustrate the French Wine Scholar™ study & certification program. Located due west from Saint-Rémy and southwest of Chalon-sur-Saône this patch is nearly 5 kilometers from the third patch of vineyards that make up the Montagny region. Givry's wines are incredibly good values, and possibly the area's best producer is Ludovic du Gardin de Séveirac and his partner, Fabrice Perrotto of Clos Salomon, a 17.5-acre single-vineyard estate that's been in the same hands for 300 years. [11] They range in style from the lean, lively acidity characteristic of white Rully to the heavy, oakiness of Mâcon-Villages. Prolongement de la Côte de Beaune qui s’étend jusqu’aux portes du Mâconnais, la Côte Chalonnaise est un vignoble de 25 km de long et 7 km de large. Learn about the various Côte Chalonnaise wine regions with Wine Enthusiast Magazine's easy to use Côte Chalonnaise wine guide. A menu that changes every month throughout the year..and the suggestions of the moment on a slate. The move towards designation was spearheaded by the efforts of Aubert de Villaine, co-owner of Domaine de la Romanee-Conti. Moving from north to south they are: Châtillonnais, Chablis & Grand Auxerrois, Côte de Nuits, Côte de Beaune, Côte Chalonnaise and Mâconnais. To the north, across the River Dheune, lies the Côte de Beaune. During the 1980s winemaking in the Côte Chalonnaise showed such a high level of consistency that in many cases it made up for the district’s lack of top-quality sites and its wines offered the best value in greater Burgundy. Les horaires des bureaux d'accueil de Buxy et saint-gengoux-le-national: Météo  À Buxy +33 (0) 3 85 92 00 16 Place de la Gare, 71390 Buxy Chaque année en octobre, la Ville de Chalon-sur-Saône, les confréries vineuses et les vignerons œuvrent ensemble pour proposer la Paulée de la Côte chalonnaise, rendez-vous régional incontournable des amateurs de vin. This has a linen texture, firm but soft at the same time, and a well-developed dark spicy fruit with just a hint of classy oak. You will also find a salad buffet, gluten free meals, vegetarians options and French and Luxembourgish dishes. [2] Depending on the quality of the vintage and winemaking practices, some Côte Chalonnaise can be prone to oxidation. [2] The first patch of vineyards located northwest of Chalon-sur-Saône includes the villages of Bouzeron, Rully and Mercurey which is separated by only a few km from the second patch of vineyards around the village of Givry. Chalon-sur-Saône > Culture & Loisirs > Restaurants > Maison des vins de la Côte Chalonnaise 2, promenade sainte marie 71100 Chalon-sur-Saône Tél: 03 85 41 66 66 However, recently we have been having fun finding gems from the Maconnais and Cote Chalonnaise where communes such as Girvy, Mercurey, and Montagny are … Most of the wines on the restaurant's list come from the Cave des Vignerons de Buxy, a good co-op winery with branches here and in another nearby medieval town, Saint-Gengoux-le-National. No herbicides here — the family believes in preserving healthy soil. Type de cuisine : pizzas et spécialités italiennes. Rich velvety body and ripe dark red fruit, all in balance and purity. This is a traditional celebration of the end of the harvest in the company of wine brotherhoods, producers of the Côte Chalonnaise and the city of Chalon-sur-Saône. Countess Brigitte de Ternay farms out the heavy lifting to pros at négociant-winemakers Antonin Rodet, who produce the estate's fine Rully Premiers Crus "Les Molesmes" and single-vineyard "La Bressande Monopole." La côte chalonnaise est une zone étroite qui se situe dans le département de Saône-et-Loire, au nord et au sud de la ville de Chalon-sur-Saône.Il s'agit d'une des subdivisions du vignoble de Bourgogne (avec la Basse-Bourgogne, la côte de Nuits, la côte de Beaune et le Mâconnais).. Elle se présente sous la forme d'îlots de vignobles [1] plus ou moins séparés les uns des autres. £5 - £9.95 (0) ... Côte Chalonnaise Burgundy France 13% Red Pinot Noir. The terrace faces a splashing fountain, the lamps in the cavernous dining room have shades with fringes, the chair frames are vaudeville red, and the waiters look like penguins in black-and-white outfits. The region was later used by the Ancient Romans with wine being one of the commodities traded up and down the river. The rare white wines made in the area are characterised by their minerality and apple notes. The cellars go back to the 1300s. Het stadje Chagny, dat 15 km ten zuiden van Beaune ligt, markeert de overgang van de Côte de Beaune naar de Côte Chalonnaise. So notable was Mercurey's influence that the entire Côte Chalonnaise was once commonly referred to as Région de Mercurey. Hôtellerie du Val d'Or 40 Grande Rue 71640 Mercurey 03-85-45-13-70, Auberge Le Petit Blanc Le Pont Pilley 71510 Charrecey 03-85-45-15-43, Maison Antonin Rodet Grande Rue 71640 Mercurey 03-85-98-12-12, Halle Ronde de Givry 71640 Givry 03-85-44-43-36, Clos Salomon 16 rue du Clos Salomon 71640 Givry 03-85-44-32-24, Aux Années Vin 2 Grande rue 71390 Buxy Tel: 03-85-92-15-76, Cave des Vignerons de Buxy 2 route de Chalon 71390 Buxy Tel: 03-85-92-04-30 At the heart of the Côte Chalonnaise vineyards, Hotel Le Dracy is the perfect getaway for your holidays or business trips. The red 'Carline' is a monopole. [6] As of 2008, there was about 541 acres (219 hectares) planted in this area. In recent years the vineyards of Montagny have been classified in accordance with the same standards as the rest of the Côte Chalonnaise, but the area still boasts the highest concentration of premier cru vineyards with more than 490 acres (199 hectares) out of 736 acres (298 hectares) qualifying. A very nice winelist consisting mostly of wines of the Côte Chalonnaise, but also from elsewhere. Market cuisine, fresh products, home-made. But Countess Ternay or a caretaker-guide will cheerfully tour you around the property, starting with the pair of turreted, walled courtyards and a kitchen the size of a barn, equipped with a circa-1500s oak table and tools from centuries past. They are, from north to south: Bouzeron, the only communal AOC for Aligoté still wine; Rully, which has 23 premier cru vineyards and is known for its white wines as well as being a center for Crémant sparkling wines production; Mercurey, which with 30 premier cru vineyards is the largest volume producer of the region, its production being nearly all red; Givry, whose 17 premier cru vineyards also produce mostly red wines; and Montagny which produces only white wines and has 49 premier cru vineyards. The soil is predominately limestone mixed with sand and clay and the occasional iron deposit. Burgundy … Type de cuisine : Gastronomique 1 étoile au guide Michelin. [7], The village of Bouzeron is noted for its production of Aligoté. The Côte Chalonnaise is thought to be the geographical cradle of Crémant de Bourgogne. In Roman mythology, Mercury was the god of trade, financial gain and commerce and he has lent his name to this wine-producing village in the Côte Chalonnaise in Burgundy, France. Check prices in Cote Chalonnaise for next weekend, 18 Dec. - 20 Dec. [6] More than one sixth of all the vineyards in Rully have premier cru designations. L’édition 2020 de la Paulée s’adapte, elle aussi, aux mesures sanitaires. Find peace of mind in the surrounding countryside, and plenty to do in the nearby bustling cities. A trip to Côte Chalonnaise would not be complete without a meal at Lameloise in Chagny. Go to shop Martin Wine Cellar. La chalonnaise 2017 était encore et toujours sur les tablettes du Grand Chalon Athlétisme avec la remise des chèques aux associations ce vendredi 17 novembre à l'espace Jean Zay à Chalon S/S. Owner-maître d' Marie-Laurence Lollini has such a powerful voice and stage presence that she could have been an opera singer — don't worry, she doesn't sing in the restaurant. Bourgogne-Cote Chalonnaise ‘Buissonnier’ – Half bottles. Burgundy Wine Map: Côte de Beaune. [6] They often exhibit rustic and earthy flavors. From north to south, its vineyards extend from Ladoix-Serrigny to Maranges, geographically dominated by the Hautes-Côtes de Beaune. Situer notre restaurant. de la Monette - "Sur Le Chateau"/Côte Chalonnaise, Bourgogne Savory aromas of wet leather and ripe red cherry flavors, long finish - Pinot Noir from the source Glass The cheeses are exceptional, from the Pommard with mustard seeds to the Époisses with marc de Bourgogne — the region's high-octane distillate (i.e., eau-de-vie or moonshine). [2], The Côte Chalonnaise is named after the town of Chalon-sur-Saône, located on the Saône. Check Cote Chalonnaise 2 Star Hotels prices Tonight 13 Dec. - 14 Dec. 2016. The grape varieties here are the same as those of the Côte d’Or – Chardonnay for white wines, Pinot Noir for reds. It is, however, the opportunity to discover a lovely grape variety, Aligoté, which has found its place in this beautiful land. Step into our harmonious, lovingly furnished rooms to relax and experience a different pace of life. Use of and/or registration on any portion of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement (updated as of 1/1/21) and Privacy Policy and Cookie Statement (updated as of 1/1/21). £5 - £9.95 (0) ... Côte Chalonnaise Burgundy France 13.5% White Chardonnay. It is still in the main area of Burgundy wine production but it includes no Grand cru vineyards. 50 Affordable Wines You Can Always Trust We’ve assembled a list of 50 of the world’s most reliable, inexpensive wines – bottles that offer amazing quality for their price year in and year out. The red wines of the region are characterised by their deep colour, compared to neighbouring regions, and fuller bodies. It's known today for its earthy red wines and the upscale, cozy, Michelin-starred Hôtellerie du Val d'Or in a historic roadside inn, run by the mild-mannered Dominique Jayet. The white wines of the region are noted for their characteristic licorice notes in the bouquet and slight spicy-butteriness. South of the main Côte d'Or, the vineyards are interspersed with other forms of agriculture, with just the more favoured slopes being dedicated to vineyards. A trip to Côte Chalonnaise would not be complete without a meal at Lameloise in Chagny. Additionally there is significant plantings of Aligoté around the town of Bouzeron. This expansion has increased the propensity for lower quality Mercurey which can taste watery with its weaker fruit flavours. However, yields are generally higher here with up to 10.5 gallons per 120 square yards (40 litres per 100 square metres) permitted. Both co-op branches are modern and user-friendly, with some good wines at the top of the scale, especially the Montagny Premier Cru. The Côte Chalonnaise in the southern part of the Côte d'Or is responsible for the majority of winemaking in Burgundy, where cooperatives of growers produce some of the most consistently good quality wines such as this Chardonnay, representing great value. [5] The climate and vineyard soils of the Côte Chalonnaise are very similar to those of the Côte d'Or, though the rainfall is slightly less. [5] The Côte Chalonnaise has five village-level AOCs. Our 2020 bundled deals are currently unavailable, but you can now book our 2021 holiday packages deals. Bottle (750ml) Chateau de Chamirey Mercurey Rouge 2017 $ 39.00. ex. [2] There is currently no Grand Cru classed vineyards in the Côte Chalonnaise. [2] The wines of the Côte Chalonnaise are often very fruit-forward in their youth.