Fracking goes global. They are very dirty; they have syringes. I’m amazed they can sleep in that place. I’m the only in the entire country who knows all the sewers. It was winter, cold. The rooms were built for the girls – I want them to have privacy, cleanliness and ventilation. He was arrested and imprisoned for two months. All the electrical cables go through his electric panel. I had no veins left on me. First we built up a layer of bricks and concrete over the pipes and then I poured this concrete all over. I cook for the entire sewer from here all the way to the other end. Now, because of me, they don’t touch them anymore, they know they’ll come to me and tell me. More than 90% of these people have AIDS, HIV, hepatitis and TB. His assistants are Andrei and Simon, his most trusted men and extra pair of hands he does his business with. By night, I steal electricity from the idiots, straight from the pole. That costs about 2 million lei a day plus all that oil. He got into a fistfight with some school mates, he caused a few scandals and found himself thrown out in the street. He is all I have. 05.06.2014. These are the bedrooms. But for them to take away everything? No one forced him to stay in school and he didn’t get along with the director of the boarding school where he lived. I keep them on for months. They can’t sniff that much. I was starving but I didn’t know how to steal. I started sweating, a kind of panic attack. Everything gravitates around Bruce Lee. The man behind the counter is called 'Bruce Lee' after his street fighting days. We used hundreds of bags of sand and cement. Bruce Lee, King of Sewers. Simon can’t be corrupted by the rogues who go to him and demand their right or try to bully him. Then the hoodlums with the powders arrived and imposed new rules: ‘You want a fix? His home is underneath the Gara de Nord since he escaped a humanitarian organisation. He is one of the children abandoned during Romania’s communist anti-abortion policy. He goes to a cash-point and withdraws all the money – 20 million and he descends into the sewer. Stefan is hooked on injecting substances. A wall of heat, perspiration, thumping music and diesel fumes hits us as we descend into the darkness, clouding our senses. They are not running around uselessly, they are not out robbing and stealing. He spends about 20 million a day. However, on the occasion that Sofia detangled his fur and they went to a bar, he appeared as a baby that was so hairy that it upset the other customers, and they had to be asked to leave. I started shooting into the pubis and the main arteries. Since I had no lawyers, no papers, no nothing – everybody tried to double-cross me. Bruce Lee, King of Sewers. During daytime he uses a fuel powered generator. Even the police were avoiding me. He slept on artificial fibres at the bottom of a manhole, among rubbish and rats. hey sealed the manholes and trapped me down here. But someone picked on me in the sewer and he stood up for me. He’s like the God of the homeless. He’s like a father to me. No one has offered us an opportunity to life. You are under the impression that you can fully love anyone. Versions of this feature were published by Channel 4, Daily Mail and lots of other channels from around the world. I fasten it with three clips like that and I log onto the internet. Bruce Lee saw that he was helpless and he took him in. Police have carried out a large-scale raid on a network of Bucharest tunnels and sewers, home to hundreds of men, women and children stricken by drug abuse and TB. No one would touch me, and my pockets were full of watches, money, gold. We were happy that we didn’t need candles anymore. One day only. And if a pipe bursts the water will surely not to reach us. It reverted to how it was. Lee says that these residents use drugs because it takes their problems away. All the one hundred dogs that he cares for seem to be hypnotized by the sound of his armour. They wouldn’t arrest me as I made them sick, I reeked of aurolac paint. He would chase all the faggots that were coming to take the smaller kids away. The face you saw could have been Bruce Lee’s. This is how I keep fit. I almost lapsed into gangrene. Andrei is the spitting image of Bruce Lee, with rotten teeth and the temper of a rabid pit bull. Bruce Lee sorted things out so that they only had a low temperature. His home is in the sewer, and his name is Bruce Lee. The only solution was to ask him for help. This is how employ them. It’s purely an impression that someone else, a presence, participates in what happens within you. He’d steal car batteries and headlights so that they didn’t live in the dark. Every time they caught him they stripped and beat him with slim fibre glass sticks. He hit the bottom and went to live in the sewers underneath Gara de Nord. At 13 she married Fernando, a rogue who brought her to the Station. I am street fighter. When I was younger – maybe! He transformed the sewer into a shop for stolen items. They saw that mymin was ripe, clever and cunning and said ‘come, join the gang’. I’d go to balconies, I’d steal from farmers, but I wasn’t a burglar. God have mercy on us… Viorel takes out a bag from his chest pocket, breathes deeply into it, then cimbs down the hole. This is the entrance into the underground kingdom. She’s better off alone and producing money for herself! I cheat the losers nicely. Everything that these people find they bring to me and I pay them. The man with the iron chains gets out of his bed, squeezes through a hole in the concrete wall and sits behind a table where the people come to refill with their drug of choice one by one. They see that I’m close to them. Prison turned him around. The pipe is now protected of the extra weight by two layers of concrete. After that, we found ourselves another place to rent, in a bank. I eat little meat, but I overindulge with cheese and milk. He is barefoot and has chains around his wrists and ankles secured with metal locks. They stayed there for half a year until they were raided by the special police and kicked out by the owner. He lived in the sewer as well, around Dristor-Unirii. Bruce Lee – king of the sewers. Bruce's father, Lee Hoi-chuen, was Han Chinese, and his mother, … The self-styled ‘king of the sewers’, Bruce Lee may be imprisoned – but another gang lord was bound to take his place. e kicks him out of the sewer and rests his hand on the hustled girl’s shoulder. He encourages himself and moves on, through the syringes, all the way to the end, to the counter with the powders. Darkness. His mother abandoned him three days after birth. Bruce has lived in the sewers for over 24 years and he is basically King of the sewer people. Bruce Lee’s house is this entire world, as far as you can see. Devils stab him in the heart. I hit like a hurricane, but I don’t feel well. In the 90’s there was a different crowd here. And its likely to do little for the Bucharest’s people of the tunnels, UK university’s return of looted Benin Bronze puts pressure on other institutions, Myanmar opposition group calls for UN peacekeepers to stop killing spree, Pfizer Covid jab 100% effective for children aged 12-15, new study suggests, Some will say Macron has acted ‘too late’ on France’s lockdown, says The Economist’s Sophie Pedder, Brazil’s health system ‘bedlam’ as daily Covid deaths reach record high amid variants fear. He was given conditional bail and he ended up in a fight a few months after the trial. He’s banned from entering Bucharest because of an older robbery offence. One man, calling himself Bruce Lee and known as the 'King Of The Sewers', paints his head in aurolac, a lacquer used to paint metal which causes a high if breathed in. There is nothing you can offer me. An alternate universe inhabited by Nicu, his friends and their leader Bruce Lee. He emerged through the pavement after two days of digging with the pickaxe. This was the complex just last week – before the raid took place: It had 20 rooms, beds for 60 people, kitchens, internet access and a pool in the courtyard. While he was away, martial law was declared in the sewer. We had plasma TVs, stereos, disco lights above, it was very beautiful. He likes to call himself “King of the Sewers” his arms and torso are a patchwork of scars and tattoos from a lifetime of self harm. It’s both euphoric and like stepping away from your own self. When he saw how many people turned up there he kicked us out and kept the rent money – about 60 million. They arrested many junkies who formed a line at the entrance to the sewer trying to protect Bruce Lee. Go and do this job. Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a beautiful city full of graceful architecture and rich with history. I am very light. We all called him father. He covered the pipes and brought in electricity. That’s when they nicknamed me Bruce Lee. A gawky tramp dashes towards her through the gaping manhole, grabs the girl and spits in her face. As the police have their rules, that’s how they respect my rules. He keeps the underground supplied with a metallic paint called Aurelac that … After the 1989 revolution, they ran away from the orphanages and built an underground empire with its own laws and hierarchies. The dogs, the community, the generator and what else they invest in scrap and trinkets. But beneath its beautiful streets is another world, buried there after the fall of Romania's brutal communist dictatorship – a world of sewers and forgotten orphans. I’ve got a 9-year experience in martial arts.I’ve got 9 years of martial arts. While the identity of this man was not officially released, local media say he is Florin Hora, who uses the street name “Bruce Lee.” Authorities also provided a video of the seizure of various electronics, several allegedly stolen paintings, and a number of syringes from the tunnels under North Station. Back then he didn’t know how to connect to the street lights. If you walk with me on the street, I swear to you, the police stand aside when they see me and they talk nicely. Liquid ivory. Before, they used to beat these guys to a pulp, kill them. “I’m disappointed by weak and cowardly people – from the youngest to the oldest. share. Physically, your entire body gets mobilized. Eèéêëėę! Their feet are drenched in the muddy hot water that floods the whole tunnel, with floating syringes and condoms. He gives his heart and soul for us. With silver-painted hair, hundreds of medals that jingle when he walks, and a pack of dogs at his heels, he’s called ‘The King of the Sewers ’. How the diseased and destitute are forced to carve out a grim existence in the sewers of Eastern Europe They only put enough to fill the corner of the bag. Some dogs curl up behind him and press, as if they would like to lift and carry him around on their backs. Food slaves. e secured the sewer against all kinds of dangers they could confront: police, strangers, all the unwanted persons. Thanks to him, it doesn’t rain over our heads. People would die. He pours half of the yellowish – gummy substance into the bag and sniffs until his eyes snigger. I’d tie a spark plug to a rope, take ten guys with me, break the car windows and they’d steal anything of value. Firstly they cut the electricity. I don’t know how this country chose its leaders, they are all idiots. People come and ask him for money to pay their rent or bank loans. I turned darkness into light. It so happened that I poked one’s eye out and another’s teeth. The girls here in our sewer are respected. They have all they need – after a fashion. I n a sewer under Bucharest’s biggest train station a man covered with iron chains and tattoos sits on a matrimonial bed watching an action movie on a flat screen. To empty the sewer? Moves to ban antibiotic pollution from pharma factories I only share my bed with prostitutes. This is exactly the main impression. This thread is archived. Discuție. says Viorel staring at the ground. The chains he wears on his wrists and ankles are for strength, agility and stamina. I’m better off alone. Bruce Lee, King of Bucharest's Sewers (5-20-2014, 7 pm, Channel 4, UK, 13 min. ) Everything was bought and paid for, I didn’t steal anything! Juice and those stupid things, energizers. The only good thing was the heat generated by the pipes, and for this he had to pay the local rogues a fee. We had electricity in the sewer from a bus ticket office. When I use Pure I’m extremely dominated by my sexual side and it’s difficult for me to get it out of my head. Source: Photographer and filmmaker Joost Vandebrug. You cannot just walk in however, you have to be invited by the guy standing up, Bruce Lee. Police seized knives, swords, stolen paintings and a large quantity of stolen cash. This literal underworld is run by a man who calls himself Bruce Lee. You feel relief, you can escape, you run, you can do anything you want. But in the sewer Stefan is a wreck. Kugrash is hidden behind the Umbral Arcana, and presumably to most of the waking world just looks like a large rat. Any short circuit goes straight to his electric panel and not to the source. Almost all of them come from communist orphanages. He learned from TV to perform all his karate moves. MAN (Translation): This is me as a child, I grew up here in the sewers. But this underworld is also home to a controversial figure known only as Bruce Lee… A patched vest crowded with war medals and brooches of semi-precious stones covers him. It was mortal combat. We live out of garbage, and we steal every now and then. Now, it is the same – he is surrounded by vulnerable people: children, elderly people, women and stray dogs. I wasn’t selling. He found refuge in Dristor. While Viorel is playing around with some white liquid in a bottle lid, a girl creeps through the sewer adorned with dogs, aurolacs and a group of tramps who are trying out some powder. God doesn’t look at clothes or muscles, he looks at the heart. When I remove them I’m like a flake. I don’t want to leave this place, says Mihaela. He built a social centre that meets the needs of the people around him, and he governed it according to the best communal organizational method: he – the father, provides the cheap drugs, and his assistants, the apostles, hand them out to his followers. It takes everything away from you. The king and boss of these hellish sewers is an orphan and former street-fighter, who calls himself Bruce Lee after the legendary kung-fu champion. There’s a guy in there with a shamanic look. I had no family, I was bad, I was corrupt. I hardly advanced a couple of steps and I had already given away 5 million to the people around me. You’re not the only one who has access to them. You dry up like a corpse. Initially I was afraid of Bruce Lee because he wore chains and smeared aurolac all over his face. Then go steal or beg for me.’ All the rules disappeared. The system treated them in a most savage way. He’d smear aurolac paint over his clothes, face and hair. The price of the powder varies depending on who you are. I want them to look at my heart. On the day of the funeral, Bruce Lee (left) – the self-styled King of the Sewers — arrived barefoot and with his head painted with aurolac, bright silver paint that the addicts sniff. When he comes out from the underground and crosses the street the dogs get frantic. Then we have Bruce Lee’s dog, the leader of the pack and the biggest of them all. I’d remove the scales, wedge them open and eat them. I was conned. If she wants to live with you, fine. I built these walls with holes in them in order to allow the air to circulate from one end to the other in the sewer. Two gendarmes approach a young man who hangs around the entrance to the sewer. He broke the concrete wall and cut through the steel concrete with the flex. I'm sorry I don't speak Romanian but have been wondering what happened to him. Then I could have fucked anyone. A chubby intellectual is waiting beside a manhole in front of the Gara de Nord. Bruce says he never used a syringe, only aurolac. Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940, at the Chinese Hospital in Chinatown, San Francisco.According to the Chinese zodiac, Lee was born in both the hour and the year of the Dragon, which according to tradition is a strong and fortuitous omen. Otherwise, you are dead. Listen here, this is the clever thing: this concrete on the bottom wasn’t poured directly on the pipes. Bruce Lee was born Florin Cora and he’s from Râmnicu Valcea. He retreats to a small park and opens the sachets. I was worried that I’d get carried away by some bad hallucination and lose it. In the underground tunnels of Bucharest lies the hidden world of the Lost Boys. He pulls out two million lei and hands it to a scrawny tramp crawling out of the sewer. An elusive and mysterious man known as Bruce Lee has lived in the sewers for the past 24 years, where he is treated like a king. But I couldn’t do it with them, they are pathetic, finished. In 1992 the Turkish ruled in Gara de Nord. He lived around orphanages from Babeni, Targu Jiu and Bistrita and he finished 8 years of schooling in a special school. Deep under the streets of Bucharest – in Europe, in the 21st century – there is a network of tunnels and sewers that is home to hundreds of men, women and children stricken by drug abuse HIV and TB.

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