In fact, he was obsessed with the 1990s Bulls, which consisted of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Dennis Rodman.When Jong Un became the supreme leader of North Korea in 2011, he played a big part in bringing a large basketball culture to North Korea. SEOUL, Sept. 3, 2013— -- Former NBA star Dennis Rodman landed in Pyongyang, North Korea, today for a five-day visit to meet North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, but the trip he … Directed by Colin Offland. Rodman’s friendship with the North Korean leader is believed to date back to 2013 when the former NBA player traveled to … Dennis Rodman told Kim Jong Un he had a "friend for life" after watching a made-for-television basketball exhibition with the North Korean leader on … With Matt Cooper, Jong-Un Kim, Dennis Rodman, Charles Smith. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong-un’s relationship. Rodman … Jason Mojica—VICE Media/AP Images In the end, sociologists may have more to say about the life and times of Dennis Rodman than basketball buffs. During Rodman's trip, Vice magazine correspondent Ryan Duffy said that Kim was "socially awkward" and avoided eye contact. Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un came to meet years ago, and the most unlikely friendship between the basketball celeb and North Korean leader has lent Rodman … Dennis Rodman may have had some extracurricular activities on his schedule the last time he visited North Korea. Throughout Kim Jong Un's life, he's been a big basketball fan. An uproarious doc about Dennis Rodman's calamitous foray into North Korea. In 2013, Kim Jong Un invited Dennis Rodman to Pyongyang, North Korea's capital, and the two bonded instantly. Ex-NBA star Dennis Rodman met North Korea's Kim Jong Un on Thursday on the third day of his improbable journey to Pyongyang, telling the leader "You have a … Dennis Rodman (foreground, right) and Kim Jong-Un (left) watching an exhibition basketball game, P'yŏngyang, North Korea, 2013. SEOUL, South Korea -- Former NBA star Dennis Rodman is tapping his friendship with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to ask for the release of a … Dennis Rodman struck up a relationship with 'awesome guy' Kim Jong-un Credit: Getty Images Why is the former NBA star friends with Kim Jong-un? The rumor in Pyongyang is that Kim Jong Un … On 26 February 2013, Kim Jong‑un met Dennis Rodman, which led many reporters to speculate that Rodman was the first American that Kim had met.

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