But when it dries down, it turn itself into a powdery warm spicy indulging scent that is very addictive. This effect I could do without, but I wonder if it is possible to do this kind of fragrance without beeing either powdery or dusty. (nématode du pin) à partir des zones du Portugal autres que celles où son absence est attestée (2), le Portugal a pris des mesures contre la propagation du nématode du pin. Then realise its Bois du potugal. This is throwback (80's) fragrance at it's finest,old school barbershop scent,that is absolutely long lasting at least 7 to 8 hours on the skin,24 hours on clothing,a. Evokes a lot of memories for me because of the cedar note, which is not "new"--it's "aged" when it is blended with the other accords. Longevity is good at 7+ hrs. Why moderate sillage ? Popular Codes. It's a perfect scent for chilly autumn days, and you must have a certain style to pull it off. It is my favourite Creed now. I say wear this under a nice tailored suit to a first communion, or a baptism. Projection is average but longevity is quite impressive, giving this a solid rating when it comes to performance. When I first started into the world of fragrances, one of the first things I learned was the dichotomous opinions of the Creed house. I do love really well crafted old-school fragrances that are gentlemanly, stylish, possess a little of that "I don't start fights but I'll finish this one!" All those who like this fragrance please check out Derby club house from Armaf.... same fragrance at 1/6th the price. Creed hit a home run with this one in my opinion. Prime example of proper masculine scent that is beyond time. As the hours pass, the bergamot eases off and the woody notes come to the forefront. It is a refined scent. Perhaps the brightest and most elegant green fragrance that Ever was. EUR 100 and the delivery on me. 2018? Brings to mind old fashioned barbershops from yesteryear. La location d’une voiture est indispensable pour rejoindre cette destination. Very good though. Good projection and longevity. Not pleasant for a work environment, indoors or outdoors. Prendre rendez-vous au Consulat Général du Portugal à Paris. It will never get old - fashion gets dated but style doesn’t date. Nicely balanced notes of lavender and woods. While most think this is more suited towards older men, truly any man can wear this. 2019? I see myself as a fan of beautiful fragrances. That kind of fits into place somehow. A voir absolument ! I find it quite silimar with Heritage Guerlain. Mature and masculine. The next day you will put on other cologne and wonder what is soo good about it. Good clean scent. I decided to revisit this summer and give it another try, so I got around 20ml to play with. BdP evolves a lot past the opening, but does not fail to pleaso at any point. I get sophisticated older mediterranean gentleman. Worth a sample. To my nose, the dry down of this fragrance is where it shines. I must note that the projection and longevity is beast mode so easy does it with this one lol. For Creed elegance, I'd go with Royal Mayfair, which also has better silage and longevity than BdP. The scent is like if you scooped off all the bright high frequencies of Rive Gauche. Although it smeels quite the same as Mr H and Mr NY, BdP is airy, smooth and effortlessly classy. The ambery, woody base is beautiful, but again I'm not picking up much of a distinct sandalwood note. I only have a sample of this right now, but when that sample is used up, then I'll definitely be buying a bottle. Bois du Portugal (BdP) does have a lot in common with New York. It reminds me of Clubman talc or the splash the barbers use after shaving the back of your neck. This is a powerful scent compared to many other Creed fragrances. When I was a kid, at home we had a letter opener made from authentic Mysore sandalwood - it was a souvenir from a trip to India. Probably the best Creed I've ever smelled. This smell like a more refined version of Chanel Pour Monsieur and Versace L homme so if you don’t like any of those two don’t get this. I therefore knew the product would be legit. Perfumes: 63236 One of my top 3. While this does smell nice. There was something in it which i thought was coriander that i hated. The ambergris compliments the other notes so well, and better than all other Creed fragrances currently available (IMHO). One of the best fougeres ever created. It came out in 1987 so it was probably Jon Claude Van Dammes favorite! EXACTLY like my Grandfather's cologne. I think that its the way a real gentleman need to smell. To be blunt, I don't like it and I try really hard to enjoy it. I’ve always since I can remember been after the perfect “barber shop” frag , to me that means like woody creamy herbal a tiny bit powdery or Smokey, something like a rich expensive shaving soap. Has a floral, licorice vibe to it. Zoom Rooms is the original software-based conference room solution used around the world in board, conference, huddle, and training rooms, as well as executive offices and classrooms. It does have a greenness aroma to it that is spectacular and the sandalwood adds a smoothness to it. I finally decided to acquire the 8.4 oz edition and I have not been disappointed. VERY classy and those that describe this one as an "old man's" fragrance are no doubt millenials whose tastes are still in their infancy.I won't bother to list the notes as everyone knows what they are. Hopefully, I get this for Christmas this year or something. "D'après les plus récents modèles de prévision, l'impact du […] For me maybe it's too mature and a bit of old age scent, that's my opinion. This is what I wear when I want to feel like a classic, refined gentleman. Seriously. And it's probably not. Il est parfois confondu avec le pin d'Alep ou le pin de Calabre. This is not a review of notes. I do not see any similarities to Lalique at all. I repeat: BOIS DU PORTUGAL IS BEING VAULTED. The millesime designation means that the best crops from a particular year’s harvest were used in the creation of that particular bottle of CREED fragrance. And it aged perfectly in a dark cabinet. 4.25 People are mainly turned off by this because it was Frank Sinatra's favorite cologne and they don't want to wear the same thing an old man wore. I'll assume the current juice is probably a weakened version with synthetics that now sells at silly money prices. When you break it down, this is a very simple fragrance when it comes to note breakdowns. Wearing Bois du Portugal is indeed an extravagant journey of opulence that transitions through different phases over time. Musk Ravageur makes me feel impenetrable. Maybe it's wood oil I'm smelling, but it smells like leather to me. And yes, I also realise that all the crap "colognes" try to copy the big boys like Creed. The timeless and adored legend Bois du Portugal is being vaulted. It is rich, classy and classic for certain. This is a great fragrance. It is rather a review of what I feel about the scent. It just seemed a bit overwhelming. Bois du Portugal is a wonderful, classic masculine. Wood, spices, herbs. Recalling a hike in the Portuguese highlands, Master Perfumer Oliver Creed showcases the mysterious side of lavender. Just sent me a message. The ambergris gives the drydown a kind of dusty / sparkly feel, which is to die for! . I know that this scent is not for everybody. The ingredients feel high quality. This Creed is not worth the pricetag and is hella old fashioned. Of the "masterpiece" fragrances, Bois du Portugal is on the short list. Now £24 on Tripadvisor: Pinhal do Sol Hotel, Quarteira. At 60, I will wear Bois du Portugal. Portugal en français. It's vintage, elegant, classic, and great. This is one of my best fragrances from Creed along with Aventus, Virgin Island Water, Royal Oud and Original Vetiver. Australia. D é p a r t e m e n t S a n t é F o r ê t s . I fortunately bought a 120ml flacon (about the time they were phasing them out) so I will be set for a few years! Knowing that it's lavender confused me. It's crisp, elegant, and classy. Based purely on scent, whilst very nice, this isn't one of my favourites. Very weak projection on me. Rustique jusqu'a -20°C. If you want to smell good at anytime of the year for any occasion, this is for you if you have the spare change. silverlook1 - you do realize this came out in 1987 right? It is indeed more suited for the more mature man and for the more dressed up occasions .. but it's smelling sooooo nice ! Thanks God for me BdP is also a lavender heaven and that also makes it the most barbershop of the three. It has a green, somewhat woody opening, and gets much more woody in drydown. A woody-rich scent, Bois du Portugal captures the fragrant forest of the Iberian Peninsula. I had a sample of it and absolutely love the smell. The fragrance is best on the dry down. The sweetness comes off very natural from the sandalwood and the citrus adds a touch of tartness. I think it's an over-priced clone of Pierre Cardin Pour Monsieur - which smells better by the way, even in cologne form. For occasions when one wants to make an impact. In my opinion this is the best Creed fragrance. Unsure which region to choose? It's not just great. I wear it and for half an hour everybody in the car is like "Open the windows, i am dying". They are making great great blends with some of the best ingredients over the globe. I just tried BDP for the first time today, and have to say that it's definitely a quality product, but not my cup of tea. Hated it at first, then loved it, then eventually wore it as a signature scent for a while. Bois du Portugal is a powerful, long-lasting Eau de Parfum. I am glad I bought this fragrance. There is a sweet spot an hour or so in where the texture of the lavender together with the woody notes is so nice and not similar to a lot of other perfumes out there. As I've mentioned in previous reviews, it comes off as a creamy, woody, lavender scent. 10/10 A+ without question. Frank Sinatra's favourite perfume was it? Habit Rouge is one of my all time favs. I did not see that coming from Creed. So I decided not to wear it for a few days. Actualités du Portugal. It is what you would expect a gentlemen to smell like – Bold, sharp, classy, elegant etc…. introduit le nématode du pin. It is a mixture of Old Spice and the green bottle of Polo in my opinion. Fragrantica® Inc, San Diego, CA United States. Solid fragrance albeit pricey. Le nématode du bois de pin, un ver microscopique inconnu en Europe ailleurs qu'au Portugal, où il est désigné comme la "maladie du pin", devrait s'étendre au reste du continent, selon les conclusions d'une mission d'experts internationaux réunie jeudi à Lisbonne. This fragrance has an undeniable older gentleman vibe, but is timeless enough that all generations can appreciate it. in my opinion, not something you would want to last for a long duration. L’endroit parfait pour se ressourcer et profiter des délices du Portugal. I love the opening and wish I could find a linear scent like that as well. It is pricey but well worth it if you enjoy it which I do IMMENSELY.......cheers! I don't know if this is true but I read it a lot and Creed does have a reputation for messing up their fragrances pretty regularly and my own experience with Aventus and Royal Oud make me believe it. This is a man's scent. :D. Creed Bois du Portugal is boss. Yes it dries down to a fougere, yes it is a fougere at heart but this is layered. Bois is more citrusy in the beginning than Guerlain. I get a little citrus and oakmoss. My other all time favorites are bvlgari au the blanc, and bvlgari homme, soir + also the extreme. Creed's iconic masterpiece. It is incredibly serious, and as someone else mentioned, very linear. When I first tried BDP I was immediately turned off by the tops. 1,239 votes. Feuillage: Persistant. LISBONNE, 9 oct 2008 (AFP). Online right now: 1791, Fragrantica in your language: A beautiful, warm, sweet, spicy sandalwood. Even if you don't end up liking the fragrance, you will definitely be able to flip it for a good profit in a year. Not trying to offend anyone who loves it, I'm just stating a fact that my grandfather smelled exactly like this. This fragrance smells of green lavender with sandalwood and vetiver. I was expecting a more masculine scent, and I dislike the florals here. The first time i smelt this i couldn't wait to wash it off. BDP is so harmonious with the core of my being that I feel like I am a piece of art. Somehow, though, it remains very relevant and modern. This is a unique and ravishing scent that can only be worn by gentlemen of an evening who have romance on the mind. Smells like a classic aftershave more than a high end cologne. Sandalwood and lavender are definitely there. The catalogue of discontinued scents (the original Tabarome, the 1948 Vetiver, Acier Aluminium) shows how good it was in the past and how far it fallen into shallow mediocrity. Richiami orientali. Actes colloque DSF de Beaune 2 ... moins 2 au nord du Portugal et quelques autres également en Espagne. This smells like wealth, class, and power distilled into a bottle. It's surprisingly spicy, but it isn't obnoxious and instead gives you a slight tingle in your nose due to the peppery feel of the cedar wood. Very peppery with a little bit of lavender and woods mixed together. I purchased this one today in a 120ml bottle. I can not say enough about this. Creed Bois Du Portugal Eau de Parfum... (147.00 EUR), Buy it online BIG SALE on or Buy it online only 5 items on, Perfume rating Copyrights © 2006-2020 Fragrantica.com perfumes magazine - All Rights Reserved - do not copy anything without prior written permission. Pure luxury in a bottle. I'm excited to have Bois Du Portugal in my collection. It's a traditional men fragrance, but it's slightly more wearable than most others in the era. I agree with many reviews stating this is a mature masculine scent. 5 with The hidden feelings and quasi-memories that some fragrances allude to from behind locked doors are unleashed fully with Creed. Yes, I have BDP and reserve this generally for the fall on "dressier" occasions. And this is the best I think I would say. As with the rest of the other Creeds, Bond No.9, and Amouage fragrances, I become anosmic to their scents within a couple of hours even though the scent can still be detected on me from a good arm's length away. It is for an exalted man with perfect outfit style. Fragrance is subjective - I get that. BdP opens with a balsamic bergamot note and immediately feels old school. #portugal #nazare #momp I have a 75ml bottle so not the latest formulation. This is a great one. It was either this or Royal Mayfair, I have samples of that one, but felt BDP deserved to have a permanent spot in my arsenal. But if you're looking for a powerful, virile, spicy and leathery smelling high quality fragrance, BDP might be right up your alley. A very sophisticated, yet humble scent. There aren't an abundance of notes but like most creed fragrances they are blended extremely well and in the end I got a very exotic and classy smooth green woody scent that is right now my favorite creed fragrance. Aventus makes me feel confident; Virgin Island Water makes me feel jovial. In my opinion this is quite similar to Habit Rouge by Guerlain, especially in the drydown. +meshary007 I'm sold. This cologne truly smells masculine and the composition is very mature, very grounded and reassuring, fitting a mature man over 35 (in other words its not for boys!. In this phase BDP is dry, assertive and by all means masculine but, at the same time it's surrounded by a strong deja-vu feel that keeps going on and on and on...The fragrance evolves then into a sort of pwdery-woody oriental drydown that's even more conventional and unoriginal. It's a unique scent and while certainly not modern it is not so easily or obviously dated either, woody masculine but not cliche - conservative but not derivative.

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