To prepare you for the next time this jazz standard is called at a jam session, let’s explore a single-note solo and a comping etude. The first exercise is to just play through the song with the arpeggios from example 2 in a one octave version. Difficulty: advanced. downloads: 5,49 EUR Add to cart. Although Blue Bossa was originally recorded as a Bossa Nova there are now versions of it being played as a rumba, salsa and samba piece. If you’re in the early stages of learning how to play jazz on the bass guitar the chances are you are going to see this tune! This will not only help practicing the arppegios but also build your sense of the form of the song and help you hear the chords moving and when they change. Blue Bossa Guitar Chords. Blue Bossa guitar pro tab by Dexter Gordon. The second example shows how you can re harmonize parts of the melody by implying the V of the I chord ala Wes Montgomery style. Pour rester focalisé uniquement sur des considérations rythmiques, je limite volontairement les exemples à une simple progression ‘ii . J’ai répertorié en 3 groupes, les principales rythmiques de la Bossa Nova.. Chaque groupe se décline à partir d’une cellule rythmique de base. Guitare x Blues Manouche Duo Chant Acoustique Guitariste Musicien Percussion Harmonie Pop rock Pop Rock Piano Saxophoniste. I’d also suggest you memorize the chords because you need that once you want to go through the exercises in this lesson. As well as listening to different versions, it’s important to listen to the original recording which demonstrates what a beautiful and relaxed tune Blue Bossa can be. Use a mixing console in Pro version. Pro Play This Tab. Piano. Shifting up and down the neck is going to make it much more difficult to play logical melodies and almost impossible to do some of the exercises. Tonebridge . Hey, I just opened up Joe Henderson's version, and if I'm not mistaken that opening uses a Cm7 to a 4th voicing (5th position), like the one you had in your exercise. x. Most people have an easier time hearing the melody in the back of your mind as a way of keeping track of where you are in the form. Blue Bossa is one of those standards that are never lacking in the repertoire of guitarists who are starting to study jazz. Les objectifs sont aussi rivés de manière à ce qu'ils ne soient pas impossibles à atteindre afin de ne pas vous démotiver. Practicing the arpeggios in this way over the progression is a way to get closer to how you improvise, something that you should also strive after when making exercises. 61 scores found for "Blue Bossa" ALL INSTRUMENTATIONS Piano solo (26) B Flat, E Flat, C and Bass cle… (25) Guitar (18) Piano, Vocal and Guitar (17) C Instruments (10) Trumpet (10) Jazz Ensemble (9) Bb Instruments (9) B Flat, E Flat and C Instrumen… Favorite. Add to playlist. Passer. Ver 1. Jazz Guitar Instruction. Pro Play This Tab. You can also check out the 3 chorus solo lesson in my WebStore: Join 7000+ other Jazz Guitarists and gain access to special offers and exclusive material! I hope you have enjoyed this article on Blue Bossa. RYTHMIQUE. Guitar. Blue Bossa uses a 16 bar chord progression of which 75% of the chords are in the key of C minor. Argentina Argentina(Jay) Atlantis Atlantis 2 Atlantis 3. Add to Songbook Print Version How to play lesson Submit videolesson. The list below is a compilation of some of my favorite takes of Blue Bossa, but please feel free to leave a comment below this if there’s a version that you feel is missing from the list. BLUE BOSSA - K. DOHRAM Page 3 / 3 F # T A B 25 C 7 P P C 0 0 7 U@U UU V 0 #V 6 U 5 #VV V 7 P P 3 4 U@U UU U 3 U 4 #C 2 C 0 U 2 V 0 C 0 C 0 C 4 R C Tous les arrangements guitare figurant sur ce site, sont à votre disposition mais ayez la gentillesse de ne pas tenter de les commercialiser. Pro Play This Tab. Vocal M S. Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. GIG004 – Le Gimmick Instinct Guitare – Rythmique bossa Voici la quatrième vidéo d’une série que j’ai appelée Le Gimmick Instinct Guitare. oops: correction, I meant 4th voicing (5th position). Add to playlist. Last updated on 09.13.2016 Ver 2. x x Dm7 ` 5 x x 5 fr. Tout ce qui doit être fait pour les protéger a été fait. The tablature provided is our visitor's interpretation of this song but remain a property of their respective authors, artists and labels. 2,345 views, added to favorites 77 times. Search. Fermer x. France. Votre ville. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions for topics or how I can make the lessons better then please feel free to leave on the video or  send me an e-mail. Passende Skalen ergeben sich aus der Funktion der Akkorde. : DL-09 content: : PDF + MP3. Add to wish list Ask about product Description Customer reviews Description. Blue Bossa is a great way to start improvising following the harmony because it’s a well known tune that is not too difficult. Favorite. G7+5 x x E` m9 x x 4 fr. BASSE. Edit. Wouldn't have heard it without you! Découvrez vos propres épingles sur Pinterest et enregistrez-les. In the video I demonstrate how I use this principle while playing a simple solo over the progression. One of the best ways to learn a tune is by listening to different arrangements of it, so I always make a habit of creating a playlist of several different versions of a tune that I am learning. Instruments: rhythm guitar, lead guitars, bass and percussion. The Db you need to treat as a modulation though it could also be seen as a neapolitan subdominant chord (You can read more about these here: IV minor chords). Instruments: rhythm guitar, lead guitar. I hope you can use the arpeggios and exercises I went over here to get started making some melodically strong solos that really dig into the harmony. There is then a ii-V-I in Db and finally a ii-V-I in C minor again. Favorite. One of the most common non-swing rhythms that jazz guitarists explore is the bossa nova groove. Besides just practicing each arpeggio it is a very good idea to work on playing the arpeggios in different patterns. Blue Bossa Guitar Pro (ver. In this lesson you will learn one of the most well-known jazz standards: Blue Bossa (played in gypsy swing style) Composed by Kenny Dorham and recorded reams of times by many jazz-artists. Ver 2. 36.24.36. If Blue Bossa isn’t the first standard that you learn, it’s very likely that is the first bossa nova style piece you come across as a jazz guitarist. In this lesson I will be teaching you how to play Blue Bossa on guitar. Add to playlist. Tuning: E A D G B E. File format: gpx . If you count the chords you’ll see that we have 7 different chords. Nous vous proposons de vous entraîner à jouer plusieurs types d'arpèges et des accords qui sont les bases essentielles d'un morceau de guitare. Vous allez ainsi pouvoir jouer les morceaux de guitare de votre choix, les standards du jazz, du blues ou de la bossa-nova. That is the best way for me to improve my lessons and make thme fit what you want to hear. Was this info helpful? 1861. Difficulty: intermediate. Dans cette vidéo, découvrez une rythmique bossa nova à la guitare classique dans la tonalité de Fa# mineur. Use a mixing console in Pro version. More Versions. Africa . Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. More Versions. First you should probably try to become familiar with the arpeggios in example 2 and then as fast as possible try to start using them on the song. The following etude shows how you can apply a common samba style comping pattern to the entire progression. Blue Bossa chords by Misc Traditional. Liste + Carte. Since the goal of this lesson is to improvise fluently with well connected melodies using the arpeggios, I have written out all the arpeggios around the 8th position. Do You Know These 3 Beginner Jazz Guitar Songs? Continue . 21. Author saintgermainmus [a] 157. Sign up Log in. Argentina DT. I show a few in the video, but playing them in groups of 3 or 4 notes, skipping notes etc are good ways to get more flexible with the arpeggio. Ver 1 * 10. While many of us learn to play Brazilian jazz tunes in our practice routine, learning how to play an authentic bossa or samba groove on the guitar can be tricky. 745 views, added to favorites 19 times. Click the best TAGS for this song: None of them. When you want to learn to solo over a tune you are often better off first learning the melody as well as possible. In this lesson I’ll present a set of arpeggios, some exercises, target notes and strategies for making solos where you can hear the harmony in the improvisation. If you enjoy the lessons on this site and would like to make a contribution, please click below: "I always make a hobbit" -- hee hee -- you just wanted to see if we were paying attention ;-). More Versions. I have tried to write this lesson so that both the beginner and more advanced jazz guitarist can learn something by including a break down of the harmony, some chord melody options, comping tips, and single line soloing ideas. Vocal M S. Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. 100%. Ähnlich wie Autumn Leaves ist Blue Bossa aus II – V – I (2 – 5 – 1) Akkordprogressionen in Dur und moll gebildet. Let’s first have a look at the chord progression: The form is fairly easy. Instruments: rhythm guitar, lead guitar, bass and percussion. Last edit on Jun 05, 2015. Sign up Log in. Blue Bossa is a great way to start improvising following the harmony because it’s a well known tune that is not too difficult. Lets start with the theme which is quite basic. It’s quite tricky to get started with but very rewarding when you start getting the freedom while improvising. Atlantis Atlantis DT. Blue Bossa (Piano Solo) jazz-clasical. During the 1960s many North American musicians became interested in this beautiful music, with its lilting rhythms and jazz harmonies. Tuning: Contributor: Dandtuma. The idea is to start playing the arpeggios over the progression and then when ever the chord changes to continue the movement with the note that is the closest in the next arpeggio. 2,009 views, added to favorites 167 times. I also discuss this way of making melodies in another lesson that you can check: Target Notes You will notice in the solso I improvise in the video that I am not too concerned with target notes unless the chord is changing. Atlantis. Filesize: 46.9 kb. Notice how the third of F-7 (Ab) is being targeted from a half step below in the second bar. Blue Bossa. Vocal M S. Rhythm Guitar M S. Solo Guitar M S. Drums M S. View all instruments. Alentejo. This one might not work as well in a full band situation but implying more harmony in solo arrangements can provide more interest. Learning a chord melody arrangement of a standard is a great to way to internalize the music and have it ready to perform it in a solo guitar situation. Vue carte . Blue Bossa Lyrics: A place inside my heart is where you live / Memories of our start, the love you give / Days when we're alone and you are in my heart / The blueness of the trueness of our love In this lesson I will be teaching you how to play Blue Bossa on guitar. As you can see in the video I chose to play my Ibanez AS2630 and not my Nylon string electric. The tune starts with two bars of C minor, and briefly modulates up a fourth (like in a blues) to F-7 which is then followed with a ii-V-I in C minor. If you are very new to arpeggios you could do this playing the arps in 4th notes and not 8th notes so that the tempo is a bit lower in the beginning. [E Cm Ab C Fm Dm Ebm Bbm Db G F Eb Abm Bm] Chords for BLUE BOSSA(JAZZ GUITAR) with capo transposer, play along with guitar, piano, ukulele & mandolin. In this lesson I’ll present a set of arpeggios, some exercises, target notes and strategies for making solos where you can hear the harmony in the improvisation. Alentejo 1 Alentejo 2 : All Day : All my Sorrows : Apache Apache 2. Thanks for all your great work Jamie. 6,919 views, added to favorites 137 times. Jim Hall 'Black Orpheus' Coda - Transcription, 10 Must Know Jazz Standards Every Guitarist Should Know, 4 Minor Swing Chord Studies for Jazz Guitar. When learning a new standard, try and find as many ways as you can to play and voice lead each of the chords so that you have them ready for chord soloing, chord melody, and comping. Two bars of tonic (Cm) then two bars of IVm (Fm) followed by a cadence to Cm (Dm7b5 G7 Cm7) and a cadence to Db: (Ebm7 Ab7 Dbmaj7) and then a cadence to Cm again. So, this is a song everyone should know This lesson is specially made for all kind of skill-level. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and feel free to connect with me via Instagram,Twitter Google+ or Facebook to keep up to date with new lessons, concerts and releases. The idea is that a strong and logical sounding line will be a line that has the direction towards a clear target note. When learning any new chord progression, the first thing to do is break down the harmony and see what’s going on. Blue Bossa Solo guitar pro tab by Dexter Gordon. Tabs Articles Forums Wiki + Publish tab Pro. Sign up Log in. 1 part • 7 pages • 04:17 • Aug 27, 2018 • 4,580 views • 61 favorites . 20 mai 2018 - Cette épingle a été découverte par Marco Valentini. I’d suggest you learn the melody by heart and in as many positions as possible. it makes sense. D` maj7 x x 4 fr. Harmonie-Analyse von Blue Bossa: Die Harmonie-Analyse von Blue Bossa ist ein Mittel, um passende Skalen zu finden und in der Improvisation anzuwenden. On this page you will find the Guitar Pro tab for the song Blue Bossa by Dorham, Kenny, which has been downloaded 7,041 times. Tuning: E A D G B E. File format: gpx. You need the flexibilty when you start improvising, and keep in mind that it is about flexibility and overview not about speed when working on this. Blue Bossa tab by Kenny Dorham. Blue Bossa tab by Kenny Dorham. bossa nova, which means "new thing" in Portuguese. guitar com. Pour finir je m'accompagnerai sur 3 bossas, chantées en portuguais donc. I have written out a few different ways in which the first few bars of the melody can be arranged in a solo guitar setting below. The song Blue Bossa is not actually a Brazilian Bossa Nova tune, but since it is a very common tune and with a short form it is a good vehicle to practice this groove. A` 13 x x 4 fr. Use a mixing console in Pro version. Back Home Back Home2. Please note that you need to have the Guitar Pro software before you can start using these.. Solo. A great way to learn a new melody so that it sticks in your mind is to analyze what is going on harmonically and rhythmically. 14 votes. 74,221 views, added to favorites 552 times. well done I like the way you set out this info . Blue Bossa is one of the first standards that many jazz guitarists learn, mainly because the progression is a great workout for playing over both major and minor ii-V-I’s, but even the seasoned jazz guitarist still enjoys a blow over the classic standard. Ver 1. Chaque cours de guitare proposé fait appel à l'apprentissage de la lecture, des tablatures, des diagrammes d'accord. Les cours sont construits de la même manière que la guitare classique, c'est-à-dire de manière amusante et adapté à votre level. A fantastic jazz guitar solo by Achim Kohl with a chorus in octaves in the style of Wes Montgomery, as you've seen on YouTube. View, download and print in PDF or MIDI sheet music for Blue Bossa by Kenny Dorham ... Blue Bossa (guitar solo) Domenico Alfonsi pro. Search. Apache Apache (Jay)1 2 : A place in the Sun : Aranjuez : Argentina. guitar com. Le principe consiste à proposer régulièrement une rythmique, un arpège, une mélodie, une phrase de solo ou un riff, en variant les styles de musique. For example the first couple of bars use parts of the C Aeolian scale in a rhythmic way to create interest. Blue Bossa is one of the first standards that many jazz guitarists learn, mainly because the progression is a great workout for playing over both major and minor ii-V-I’s, but even the seasoned jazz guitarist still enjoys a blow over the classic standard. La guitare Blues se différencie de la guitare classique, de par ses rythmiques blues notamment. 3) Filesize: 10 Kb. If you want to learn more about single line soloing over this tune, please check out my phrasing lesson in which I used Blue Bossa as an example. Yes No. Blue Bossa uses two keys, C minor for eight measures, Db major for four measures, and back to C minor for four measures. “Blue Bossa” is one of those tunes every jazz lover is going to play, so it’s good to have a few ideas and concepts under your belt to get through the tune convincingly. Back Home. Edit. The first example shows how you can use diads (two notes played together) on the shorter rhythmic values and chords on the longer notes.

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